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015: Thinking Things Through is for Chumps

April 1st, 2015, 2:14 pm

You are ROVA, a Level 1 Fighter.

You are currently carrying a Lost Penny and the mysterious Heart of Fire.

SANDY, a Level 1 Thief, is accompanying you for now.

Please suggest an action.

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> sandy: fly through newly made whole in the ceiling to get a view of what is outside.

posted by plushdork on April 1st, 2015, 4:43 pm


Rova: bull rush more pillars, than use a fire attack on Silvertears.
Sandy: distract Silvertears until rova strikes

posted by gavinom123 on April 1st, 2015, 6:21 pm


ROVA: use the LUCKY PENNY'S shineyness to reflect the sunlight into SILVERTEARS'S
SANDY:FLY through the hole in the roof and warm your feathers.

posted by The_Ender on April 1st, 2015, 6:37 pm


Sandy: Get Rova and yourself out of there!

posted by MetaFawful on April 1st, 2015, 7:59 pm